Archiv für November, 2010

One of our roadwarriors called the other day explaining that the DFS shares are not connected when using VPN dialup. Connecting the DFS shares manually worked for all shares which the user currently uses in offline mode.
On the other hand synchronizing and going online with these shares was not possible for him while connected through VPN. Executing the domain logon script located at \\domain.tld\netlogon was not possible, as the path was not found with the error message „The account is not available“.

Somehow the cached network credentials of the user got fuxored and instead of using the current credentials of the user, the system used the credentials from the cache to authenticate against the DCs, which obviously is doomed to fail.
Deleting all cached credentials of the user solved the problem immediately.

Recently a user called an reported his offline files functionality in Windows 7 was broken.
He could sync and switch between online and offline mode, but was not able to edit files in offline mode. Also he was not able to rename newly created files or folders on an offline share.

Upon further examination the properties of offline files showed available disk space of 999GB – which is just wrong, as the physical disk had a way lower size (300GB).
Clicking the „Change limits“ button did do nothing.

Here’s the solution:

1. Go to Control Panel – Sync Center
2. Click on „Manage Offline Files“
3. Click on „Deactivate offline files“
4. Reboot
5. Make yourself owner of the folder C:\WINDOWS\CSC. Apply to all subfolders and files.

I experienced several „Access denied“ errors during the ownership change, but that didn’t prevent the next steps from succeeding.

5. Delete the folder C:\WINDOWS\CSC.
6. Go to Control Panel – Sync Center
7. Click on „Manage Offline Files“
8. Click on „Activate offline files“
9. Reboot

Everything worked as expected after the reboot.  This should also work for Windows Vista.